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Lake Nona Social welcomes Endurance Wellness and Weightloss to our community! Founder and Medical Director, Dr. Jennifer M. Waddy, pairs her clinical experience specializing in obesity medicine with a hands-on approach to ensure visitors achieve their goals for wellness, weight loss, and aesthetics.

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A graduate of the University of Florida, Dr. Waddy then attended Duke Medical School, where she developed a passion for Preventive Medicine and Cardiovascular Rehabilitation. After a residency at East Carolina University, Dr. Waddy worked at Orlando Health for a number of years before deciding that she wanted to focus on more community-based outreach.
Waddy headshot (1)Dr. Waddy believes that it is important to “fuel the idea of a healthy community, which is the direction the [Lake Nona] community is headed toward.” She aims to be a resource for Lake Nona residents who wish to focus on their health and hold themselves accountable. Dr. Waddy and her staff at Endurance Wellness and Weightloss emphasize health education, an active lifestyle, and innovative services such as the CoolSculpting procedure.
CoolSculpting is a non-invasive cosmetic procedure that involves controlled cooling to target areas of the body to minimize, firm and tighten. Dr. Waddy and her staff offer free consultations for the procedure, and Endurance Wellness and Weightloss is the only center in Lake Nona that offers CoolSculpting.

Endurance Wellness and Weight Loss Center is now open to the public 10411 Moss Park Rd, Orlando, FL 32832 Dr. Waddy looks forward to educating the community, especially the many young families that reside in Lake Nona, about health awareness and disease prevention. “This is a community where we grow together,” says Dr. Waddy, “and the biggest thing for me is family.”