Market Monday at Lake Nona YMCA

Join the Market

Fill out my online form.

This form is to provide contact information along with a record of what each vendor sells to insure we can keep the market limited on multiples. This market is designed to be a hometown farmers market.

WE DO NOT ALLOW ANY DIRECT SALES into the market. We also have a limited amount of spaces as we therefore we are looking for unique and different vendors to keep the market diverse.

Please be advised this is just a general form of information to collect this does not guarantee you a spot until the committee has approved you.

General information:

The market will be held every Monday at the Lake Nona YMCA from 4:30-8:30 during summer hours and 4:30-8pm during the school year. The property of the market is on a public school and YMCA property so we must abide by certain rules.

Set-up is allowed one hour prior to opening and you must be set up by no later than 15 min prior to market opening. Please do not tear down earlier than the closing time of market unless management has given permission.

Weather is always temperamental here in Orlando. We are a rain or shine market as we have the opportunity to be under cover if we expect there to be rain that evening. If serve weather is expected management will advise on cancelation of market. We expect that all vendors that have agreed to come for that night still come unless market is canceled.

Market fees are as follows effective 9/1/2015:

Market vendor cost is $20.

Portions of the fee goes to support the scholarship fund at the YMCA of Lake Nona. The other portion will be going to advertising and expenses of the market.

Each month we will feature a special event to highlight the market and bring extra traffic to the market. We encourage each vendor to help advertise and participate in each event.

We have many interest in this market and have many vendors that would like to participate so if you are unable to make it to a market please advise management so we can let another vendor have the opportunity to setup as we are limited on the amount of space allowed. We would like to make sure that the market is full each week to ensure that people continue to come and shop at the market. If a vendor commits to coming and does not show and does not contact management we will have to replace the vendor with one that is on the waiting list. So please be advised and inform us if anything that has come up.

Please be courteous to fellow vendors when driving through market at setup time as well as tear-down time.

If you have electrical needs please let me know ASAP so I can work on accommodating those needs. If you have equipment that pulls a lot of power you will be required to provide you own for of energy.

Please be advised if using a generator that produces a lot of power you may be place on a end of a row to ensure that fellow vendors and customers are not disturbed.

Smoking is not permitted around school/YMCA so if needing to do so must go to dirt lot across from market area. All vendor parking is on gravel lot behind market to ensure parking for customers.

Thank you and we look forward to growing and serving our community.

You may contact me at 407-719- 8855 or by email at [email protected].

Charissa Ward