Benefitting the American Cancer Society -Relay For Life of Lake Nona

SUNDAY- FEB. 12, 2017
2:00 PM Start Time
A fun adventure for ALL ages taking place around Lake Nona


Gather 2-6 people and form a Team!
Teams are a min. of 2 people and a max. of 6.
Official Team members may be ages 5 and Up!

To Register:
$20* Per Team Member (Min of 2/Max of 6)
Special Family Rate $50* for up to 4 Members ($10 for each additional member-Max of 6)
*Registration cost is a donation and is considered Tax Deductible.

Registered participants receive:
Race Entry, Pre-Party Invite, Drawstring Backpack with swag, Ticket for After-Party (A free drink & Food/Drink Specials) along with what promises to be a very fun and memorable day. All for a great cause!
Prizes are outlined on our Information & Details page
Deadline To Register is Wed, Feb. 8. 2017 unless we meet out capacity earlier.

Team Costume Contest
Show your team spirit!!
You may either use our Relay For Life of Lake Nona February Theme of “Put your Heart in Relay” or this years theme Game on Lake Nona…Let’s Beat Cancer!

Use your creativity and have fun just remember it must be family friendly.


An Adventure for ALL ages—a fun Scavenger Hunt around Lake Nona!
Teams will consist of At least two members and Max. Of 6 members….Ages 5 and up.
Each Team Member must complete at least ONE (1) Challenge (There will be a variety of Challenges)
Each Destination will have a challenge, and two members of each team must be selected to complete. At each destination competing team members names must be written on Passport, and once the challenge is complete the passport will be stamped by Pit Stop Sponsor.

Official Team Members are ages 5 and Up.
Special Family Rate: $50 Per Family up to 4 Members ($10 for each additional member–Max of 6)
Special Family Rate is for members of immediate family (Household)
Suggested Donation is $20 per Team Member – Min. of 2 Members/Max. of 6 Team Members
Donation to Register- American Cancer Society-Relay For Life of Lake Nona is Tax Deductible

Teams will complete challenges to receive clues at each destination around the Lake Nona area.
The clues you receive will lead you to a Pit-Stop destination where you will complete challenges but be aware you may encounter Road Blocks. Challenges are family friendly & will be at various skill levels
At each Pit Stop your Two Members that you select must successfully complete the challenge in order to receive: A cancer the fact that you will need for your final Challenge. AND your next clue.

Once you arrive at your Pit-Stop destination you must select Two Team Members that will complete challenge. You will then write their names beside the corresponding Pit Stop # on your Team Passport. Once the challenge is complete your passport will be stamped by the Pit Stop Sponsor.

Each member of your team MUST complete at least ONE Challenge during the race.

At the Final Destination, you will have to complete a “Cancer Fact Sheet.” Don’t worry…The information you have gathered throughout the race will give you answers. You will have officially FINISHED THE RACE when you turn in your 100% -correct Cancer Fact Sheet & Your successfully completed Team Passport.

CHECK IN- Please have you Team Captain Check-In (with all waivers completed) at the Registration Table during the Pre-Event Party. This venue will be announced on 1/16/17. Upon check-in, your Team Captain will receive your Team Passport, any items for your team member, an Amazing Race staff members cell # to share with your team & the Sealed-First Clue. DO NOT Open Sealed Envelope until instructed (Amazing Race Staff will be observing).

Team Pictures will be taken and are optional.
Team Captains are responsible for making sure all waivers are completed and turned in. If a team member is under 18, these waivers MUST BE completed by a parent or guardian and turned in at Race Check-In. NO EXCEPTIONS!

Everyone is welcome to participate! (Official Team Members will be ages 5 and Up)
All team members must return to the finish line by 4:30 p.m. Teams not making the deadline will be disqualified. Your Team will receive an Amazing Race Staff cell # to use in case of need arises to contact them.

You WILL need a car
You must park legally AT ALL TIMES.
Speeding tickets, parking tickets or moving violations are your responsibility, and your team will be automatically disqualified if one or more is received during the race. SAFETY FIRST!!!
Amazing Race Winners:
Prizes will be awarded to the first three teams to return to the finish line with the correct Cancer Fact Sheet answers and successfully completer Passport. *Team Captains please make sure each team members has completed at least one challenge.

1st place Trophy, 1st Choice of a Prize Basket. Bragging Rights & Recognition via various Social and Print Media AND $150 donation deposited to designated Relay for Life of Lake Nona Team account

2nd place Trophy, 2nd Choice of a Prize Basket, Recognition via various Social and Print Media AND $100 Donation Deposited to a designated Relay For Life of Lake Nona Team account

3rd place-Trophy, Prize Basket, Recognition via various Social and Print Media AND a $50 Donation Deposited to a designated Relay For Life of Lake Nona Team Account.

Hope Winner:
Prior and during the event, you will have the opportunity to score Spirit Points. Upon registering you will receive a list of these Spirit Points that you may obtain. While this is optional, we encourage you to take part in this as you will become our HOPE AMBASSADOR! The Top Spirit Point Winner will receive a Hope Ambassador Plaque, $100 donated in your honor to a designated Relay Team. Recognition as our Hope Ambassador via various Social & Print Media a long with being our special Lake Nona Hope Ambassador for any Pre-Events you desire to participate in, You will be recognized during Opening Ceremony of Relay For Life of Lake Nona on April 1, 2017, & have the Honor of Official starter for our Survivor Lap (walk).

Best Team Costume Contest: Race Theme is Game On…Lake Nona…Let’s Beat Cancer!

Sponsors will help us select the team with the BEST COSTUME! Our Theme this year is “Game on Lake Nona” Let’s Beat Cancer. The prize for Best Team Costume: Swag, Recognition via various Social and Print Media, $100 Donation Deposited to Designated Relay For Life of Lake Nona Team account along with Bragging Rights!!!

Will be taken and will be optional for you to purchase for a donation