Dr. Lach is Central Florida’s Expert Specialist and Clear Choice for Invisalign…Named Top 1% of Doctors Nationwide bringing you Invisalign to a whole new level.

Lach Orthodontic Specialists has been an icon of innovation and exemplary service for more than two decades. Led by Dr. Lach, the expanding East Orlando private practice now with another location in Lake Nona’s medical city as Lake Nona Orthodontic Specialists, is elevating dentistry with its unparalleled expert Invisalign specialty service.

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“With our level of experience and training we have attained over the years , there is now no such thing as a case too difficult as we can now handle all types ranging from the most simple teen and adult Invisalign cases all the way to the most complex cases that were told by others they are not candidates”. In fact, Dr. Lach is now in the Top% of all Invisalign doctors nationwide with the highest level of experience and expertise using Invisalign.

Says Dr. Lach, “In our practice, we treat cases just about the same way with braces or Invisalign and we let our patients choose the way that they are treated. We made cost the same for both Invisalign and braces so that does not influence decisions so now our patients are now able to freely choose the best treatment for their lifestyle which is wonderful”.

Dr Lach has now successfully transformed nearly 20,000 beautiful smiles over the last 25 years and draws from this wealth of knowledge and direct patient experience to serve his patients with the best treatment options available.

“I visited lots of doctors in our area before choosing Dr Lach and everyone else said that my case could not be treated with Invisalign and that I was not a candidate, “ says Nicole M. who was planning for her wedding day pictures. “As it turns out, not only was my case easily treated easily and comfortably with Invisalign by Dr. Lach, it was done on time as he said it would for my wedding day and my smile looked amazing!” My insurance even picked up half the cost making it very affordable.”


Even though Invisalign and other clear aligner products are advertised and readily available to the public through many doctors offices and other sources, Dr Lach cautions warns that results and experiences can vary and are usually highly dependent on experience and training. “Most people do not know that it only takes a one-day “certification” course” and a dental license to provide Invisalign, but it usually takes years of training and experience to deliver amazing smiles”. “Our office team works with a specialized Invisalign consultant for advanced training on a regular basis to keep us up to date. I believe that this is the only way to consistently deliver the best possible Invisalign results and experiences as the technology continues to make advances and develop at such a rapid pace.”

For Instance, Dr. Lach’s office has the first and only Invisalign-specific digital scanner in Central Florida which provides precision 3D blueprints to create it’s invisible aligners for perfect fit, in contrast to old, outdated and uncomfortable “impressions’” which were used in the past.


Aligners now can fit better and provide for more predictable and accurate tooth movements leading to better results. What follows is a simulation video that allows for any adjustments to be made before the tray is designed.

In terms of comfort, Invisalign is actually less restrictive in the type of foods that can be eaten and can improve gum health.

“Our Invisalign patients which now represent nearly 50% of all of our cases report to us very high satisfaction levels and a very comfortable overall experience with less side effects and amazing results,” says Lach.

Of course, there are cases where compliance is an issue–oftentimes with young children who may not be diligent in their care–in which case Dr. Lach offers traditional braces at no additional cost.

Due to the advanced experience level with Invisalign at Lake Nona Orthodontic Specialists, patients like Megan C. tend to have a more positive experience with more benefits. Dr. Lach also works with Propel which allows Invisalign to work more efficiently and helps teeth respond better resulting up to 50% faster results.

““Dr. Lach’s magical braces created my new smile in almost half the time… that’s Amazing!”

says Megan.

So positive in fact that some candidates fly in from as far away as the Bahamas to receive Invisalign from Lach Orthodontic Specialists.

“They understand what the experience means for them and they’re willing to travel,” says Lach.

He continues, “Get ready for an Invisalign treatment experience and results at a whole new level not available anywhere else here in Central Florida”.