Whole Wheat Pitas

2 Med or 1 Lg Sweet Potato

1 Large Cucumber ( Slice in half moons)

Avocado (sliced thin)

Chopped Dill

Toasted Pine nuts (optional)

Cheese (optional)

Mixture equal parts ( Cumin, Paprika, Mediterranean Salt, Pepper)


Mayonnaise 3-4 tbsp

White Wine Vinegar  2 tbsp

How to Make It

Add 1 tsp chopped dill, one tbsp white wine vinegar, salt and pepper to your taste.
Set aside.
Add 1 tsp chopped dill, one teaspoon cumin/paprika mixture and a splash of olive oil.
Mix and set aside.

Savory Pita Pockets
Slice sweet potatoes, sprinkle with cumin/paprika mixture and bake for 20 mins.
Warm Pitas
Spread Crema on Pitas.
Add a layer of sweet potatoes
Add a layer of Cucumbers
Add a few leaves of Arugula
Garnish with Pine Nuts, Cheese and Avoca


Note:  Add a tbsp of olive oil , a tsp of white wine vinegar,salt and pepper to remaining arugula and serve as a salad on the side.


Tip: a few very thin slices of chicken breast or meat of your choice can be an addition.

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