Manlio Dermatology has served the Lake Nona area since 2013. From its humble beginnings operating only half a day a week to now accepting patients five days a week, the practice has enjoyed much of its success from referrals by loyal patients. Dr. Christopher Manlio aims to provide the highest quality patient care experience, largely because of some bad experiences he has endured in the past as a patient. “I treat patients the way I want to be treated,” says Dr. Manlio, who believes in a hands-on approach when treating patients.


A graduate of the University of Florida in Gainesville, Dr. Manlio also attended Nova Southeastern University in Fort Lauderdale to earn his Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine. Dr. Manlio is trained to listen and to partner with his patients to help get them healthy and stay well. His core values include respect for a patient’s time, attentiveness when patients discuss their condition, and honesty when consulting a patient, especially for cosmetic dermatology.

Although Dr. Manlio graduated from University of Florida with an Accounting degree, he soon realized that he was meant to be in medicine. After completing medical school, a Family Practice residency, and a Dermatology residency in South Florida, Dr. Manlio moved to Central Florida. Here, he was trained in Mohs surgery, which is a precise surgical technique that is used to treat skin cancer.  Patients are the priority for Dr. Manlio: “Dermatology is such a wonderful field because of the patients. I believe in educating my patients to protect their skin and to detect problems early.”

Manlio Dermatology has grown largely through word-of-mouth, which Dr. Manlio attributes to his patient care philosophy. He believes that patients should be treated like family; with respect, timeliness, and attentiveness. Dr. Manlio’s wife Lori, agrees: “When people walk out of the office, they come out so happy and ready to refer us because Chris practices medicine to the highest level. He takes the time to get to know the real patient and the real situation.”

If you visit the Lake Nona office you’re sure to run into Tami Santo, ARNP is a very important member of the team.

Tami began her nursing career in 2000 as a nurse for a local family practice. She later began her journey in Dermatology where she found her love for the dermatological field of practice. Returning to school in 2006, she continued to work in dermatology. Graduating with her MSN in 2013 she became a board certified Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner. A UCF doctorate student Tami continues to further her nursing practice in policymaking. Her project of study is on skin cancer awareness and banning minors from indoor tanning.

Dr. Manlio’s plans for his practice include opening up a new office in Lake Nona. He looks forward to continuing to grow, obtaining more medical equipment to better serve his patients, and adding more cosmetic services. When he is not treating patients, Dr. Manlio enjoys spending time with his wife, Lori, and their two children. For more information on Manlio Dermatology, visit call (407) 910-4710.