Who among us doesn’t appreciate the ease with which we can look up directions on our smart phone when we don’t know where we are going, or being able to check in with the family when we are out of town? Advances in technology have made our lives much easier in the past few years, and I anticipate that there will be many more advances in the years to come.

The Tavistock Group is trying to keep Lake Nona in the forefront of the technological movement, and as such, has partnered with Intersection, (a sister company to Google) to create a Digital Master Plan for the Lake Nona Town Center. The Digital Master Plan will incorporate technological features that will help to optimize the shopping and dining experience for residents and consumers in the town center.

To start, the Digital Master Plan will include a Wayfinder to help find stores more quickly, and technology to help improve the parking experience. If you have ever circled the parking lot for 15 minutes at a shopping center trying to find parking or walked the completely opposite direction from the store you are trying to find, you will definitely appreciate these two features.

Tavistock and Intersection will be collaborating for nine months, and during that time, they will explore additional features to incorporate into the Digital Master Plan that will help to improve the experience at the Lake Nona Town Center.

We can’t wait to see what additional features they include. A way to beam me from one store to
another, so I didn’t have to walk, would be an amazing feature! But seriously, what would you like to see incorporated into the Digital Master Plan?

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