Nona Blue Modern Tavern is one of the most popular restaurants in Lake Nona. In fact, they were actually voted best restaurant in Lake Nona. If you’ve ever been there before you know what I’m talking about! What you may not know about though is what they call G-Mac & Cheese, which is inspired by professional golfer and Nona Blue investor Graeme McDowell.

So What Is G-Mac & Cheese?

G-Mac & Cheese is Nona Blue’s twist on the popular dish macaroni and cheese. Of course, you have the macaroni and their rich cheese sauce, but then they throw in applewood smoked bacon and…wait for it…Maine lobster! Yes, they really put lobster in mac & cheese and it’s amazing!

The dish is cooked in the oven and then kept on a hot stove until it’s brought to you. That way when it arrives it’s extremely fresh, crispy on the top, and ready for you to dig into. After the first bite, you will understand what the hype is about.

Out of all the food I’ve had in Lake Nona, this is one of the best dishes. So, it always surprises me when I talk to local residents and they say they’ve never heard of it, or worse yet, that they’ve never been to Nona Blue (which is basically a sin if you live in Lake Nona). G-Mac will cost you around $19, but the portion size is enough to be a meal by itself.

Whether you live in the Lake Nona area, the Orlando area, or just visiting the area, Nona Blue is definitely a restaurant worth checking out. Head over there next time you get the chance, grab some G-Mac and Cheese, and tell them Lake Nona Social sent you!

** Check out the video below to watch us give G-Mac and Cheese a try ourselves.

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