A 100-foot permanent art installation, the HEART, will create an engaging public landmark at Tradition, Florida.

Port St. Lucie, Fla. —For Valentine’s Day, acclaimed public artist JEFRË has unveiled plans for an engaging public landmark to be installed at Tradition, a master-planned community in Port St. Lucie, Florida. Named “HEART to HEART”, the soaring, heart-shaped mirrored stainless-steel installation will form the centerpiece of Tradition, creating a vibrant meeting place and a
the destination for families and couples, locals and visitors alike.

Commissioned by Mattamy Homes, the 100-foot sculpture with a dynamic, gently twisting shape, will rise above a circular water pool measuring 30 feet in diameter. During the day, the sun above and water below will create reflections on the sculpture’s polished surface while at night, the installation will be dramatically illuminated by LED lights. Those who climb the glass bridge connecting the two sides of the installation will have far-reaching views in all directions. The landmark will be visible from Tradition’s main entrance near Interstate 95.

“Tradition is what is in your heart, I just want to show how big it can be,” says JEFRË who is known for his exuberant, large-scale installations around the world that aim to activate public spaces and bring people together through a shared experience and joy. The artist’s international
work was recently presented to the public with his first solo exhibition at the Orlando Museum of Art. “My goal is to create an iconic landmark for the city and people of Tradition, a postcard moment that brings people
together,” adds JEFRË.

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“JEFRË understands our vision for Tradition and how integral art is to life in our community,” said Dan Grosswald, Mattamy President of Southeast Florida Division. “When we saw his sculptures around the world,
we knew that he would create an iconic, recognizable piece of art for our current and future residents and for visitors to travel to see. “

The installation is expected to be completed in time for a public dedication on Valentine’s Day 2022.