Global Mattress Offers The Perfect Back to School Bundle, Just in time for the Tax-Free Week

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Have you done your back to school shopping yet? School starts in less than three weeks in Lake Nona and parents want to do everything they can to give their children the best start to the new school year. Purchasing a new orthopedic mattress may help. We all understand the importance of a good night’s sleep for promoting alertness and attentiveness, especially among our kids.

Global Mattress, a vertically integrated company, which will soon open next the Earth Fare, launched a new campaign difficult to resist. The Back to School offer includes: orthopedic body comfort mattress, free delivery, set up and removal, your choice of box spring or waterproof mattress cover and a $50 Visa gift card, perfect for the back to school shopping, for just $449.00. Offer valid from August 1st to August 15.

The direct-to-consumer brand located on Conway, less than 10 minutes away from Lake Nona, cut cuts by eliminating the middleman. Global Mattress manufactures their own ultra-premium to be sold at no extra mark-up, online or at any of their two locations in Florida.

Their 10,000 square feet warehouse, located at 6835 South Conway Rd. #400, allows the buyer to buy high quality mattress at fabric-direct prices. In the meantime, their Lake Mary location pioneers a hybrid shopping experience that blends the convenience of e-shopping with the benefits of in-store shopping.  Upon arrival, clients are greeted and are free to roam around to try out different mattresses without a salesperson tailing them. They may directly place an order on a tablet provided at the store, without ever going through an employee. Should client prefer to interact with a salesperson and complete a purchase with assistance, it can opt to do so as well. At the same time, Global Mattress has a modern e-commerce platform that enables an easy shopping experience from the comfort of home.

“We are a different kind of mattress company,” said Javier Tejeda, General Operation Director of Global Mattress. “Ours truly is a stress-free experience in which the customer has full control of how he or she shops. A mattress is an investment that shouldn’t be made impulsively or under pressure. We provide a calm, beautiful and modern environment in our stores for customers to make the most informed decision devoid of external pressures, or they can choose to shop from home.”

Global Mattresses’ orthopedic mattresses come in different styles including reversible, plush, memory gel, body comfort and adjustable beds, which relieves lower back pain by allowing the user to elevate their legs. All mattresses come with a 100-night, hassle-free warranty that allows for return or exchange of the merchandise if the customer isn’t fully satisfied.

Global Mattress also makes reversible mattresses, a feature that extends the life of your mattress from eight to 10 years.

“Choosing a mattress that best suits your body needs is a very important process that will impact the quality of your sleep, and your health, for years,” said Javier Tejeda Director of Operations. “We strive to make that process easier by removing the hurdles people find in more traditional stores like pressure to buy and high prices.”

The Lake Mary store and Lee Vista warehouse will be followed by three others this year, scheduled to open in Kissimmee, Orlando and Lake Nona.

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*Receive a free $50 VISA gift card from August 1st to August 15th when you buy any mattress from the Body Comfort line.